Saturday, 12 May 2012

A dry day at last!!!

I've been so rubbish at keeping this blog this year! :-( I've still been planting stuff.... It's been so horrible for weeks though. And then of course there was my wedding! But finally we have a dry day and we've been able to spend some time at the allotment :-)

The potatoes we planted a few weeks back are finally starting to peek through. I did wonder whether they would survive living in the swimming pool they were in when I visited them last week!

And just to show you the potato patch before it turns into a weed patch like the rest of my allotment....!

This is supposed to be my onion patch....

Look! There are definitely onions in there somewhere!

My other onion patch is even worse:

We planted the last of them today - this is what the rest of it should look like:

Weeding will have to wait for another day though.... Too much to do!

We covered the top section of the plot so hopefully we'll be able to use this section next year....

We put up the netting for the peas and planted our first lot out. I've got three lots of peas on the go at different stages of development so hopefully we'll have a decent supply of these later in the year....

I've planted a few varieties of carrots, spring onions and lettuce in my raised beds, leaving some room for more in a few weeks.....

And an overall view of the plot.... I really need another few dry days so I can get on top of those weeds. Otherwise I'm not going to have any room for my runner beans! Or sweetcorn... Or pumpkins and courgettes.... Or broccoli.... Oh dear! I'd better get a move on!

I'll show you some of the new additions to the garden at home in the next few days. I'm quite excited! :-)

Love 'n' hugs,

Thursday, 19 January 2012

A new year, a new start....


You may remember in March last year I covered part of my plot in a sheet of black plastic to kill off all the weeds etc. This is what it looked like then:

Well it stayed like that the whole year long but we were finally determined to get it dug. So we wrapped up warm (the temperature on the dashboard said -1oC!) and we got stuck in.  I was hoping that the plastic and dead stuff had insulated the ground so it wasn't too frozen to dig and thankfully I was right! So far we've managed to dig this much:

Don't be too impressed though - look at that bit in relation to the rest of the plot...... The dug bit is top right - you might need to zoom in :-)

We've moved the plastic down a bit. I think there's only another couple of metres of dead stuff left for us to dig through now and the rest is covering a bunch of weeds that need dealing with in a previously dug part of the plot....

In the forefront of that piccie you can just about make out George's leeks. Here's a "better" piccie:

You can just about make them out in with all those weeds! I really must deal with them to give those poor leeks a chance....

This is my patch of onions - not doing too badly! I'm quite pleased with them. They have dealt with the Christmas neglect well....

 Just in case you're not convinced that we really were out digging in freezing conditions - here is some of the ice we had to shift off the plastic before we could peel it back!

And I'm hoping this photo serves as a "before" photo that I can compare to the lovely neat and tidy "after" one I'll be able to show you next week.... Or maybe the week after :-)

Happy digging!

Love 'n' hugs,