Sunday, 10 April 2011

I planted something!!!!

Look! Little watered patches of bare earth which will (hopefully!) become potato plants.....

And a smaller patch of bare earth which might one day become rhubarb....

Now I'm not a fan of having my photo taken.....

And I DON'T like to put them somewhere where everybody can see them.....

Especially when they're this bad....

But I really felt the need to show everybody how hard I worked to produce these little patches of bare earth....

A very hot (no, not like that! I mean really warm!), sweaty, dragged-through-the-hedge-backwards me:

But still happy..... I guess if I can still smile after that lot, then there's hope I might get somewhere with this plot!

I'll post more piccies (not of me though!) when (or rather if!) anything grows :-)

Have a lovely day!

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. Ooooo potatoes and rhubarb! double yum! It's going to be so fantastic when everything grows. And just think, next year will be so much easier. And you don't look too bad in the photo either. xx

  2. We haven't had much rain at all in the past few weeks, you have reminded me that I need to water my potatoes too!

  3. Oh looking good honey!
    Its looking fab already! What else you planning to grow?? I've got my tatties in and onions, plus half the green house ready to get my other veggies going!!
    You pic is fine honey! You look better than I would after all your hard work! I end up covered in muck, worse than a child hehe!
    And Jacks right, will be so much easier next year!!
    Hugs Mxxxx