Friday, 8 April 2011

Making SLOOOOOW progress - please tell me it looks better!

So this is how I left my plot on Tuesday....

A bit more digging done and a few more slabs for my path but it doesn't seem to look much better....

I blame the weather.

We had loads of rain and then loads of sun and I spent the first hour of my time there just clearing re-grown weeds in the bit I thought I'd already cleared! I tell you I ached afterwards! I love my kneeling pad - thanks Mom! I couldn't have managed without it! And this fab little weeding tool I bought with vouchers from my Dad - thanks Dad! :-)

So I've decided, the digging will take as long as it takes but I need to start planting otherwise I'm not going to get any reward for all my hard work. Next time I go I'm taking some of my nicely sprouted seed potatoes with me to plant and I think that'll make me feel much better! I spent yesterday afternoon in the garden/greenhouse sowing some seeds so that I'll have some nice little seedlings ready for when I've got a bit more of the plot dug. I'll take some photos and post them as soon as there's anything green to show you :-)

So just for now, please leave me a few words of encouragement in case I start wilting :-)

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. Of course it looks better! And if you start planting up the weeded plot then your plants will grow and take up the place of some of the weeds so less weeding for you. Oooh new potatoes, yummy. xx

  2. Absolutely right - the digging takes as long as it takes. It's important to get on and plant stuff or you'll start to wonder what the point of all the digging is!! Hopefully those spuds and rhubarb will come good. Most things do; they all want to grow.