Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nearly Halloween....

And my pumpkins are ready!!!!

Once I took down my dodgy broccoli cage and the sun could get to them they turned orange in a couple of days!  If I make anything yummy with them or the kids carve them I'll take some more piccies to show you.....

The bean structure has finally come down now... Look at all the weeds it hid! Still got to take down my pea wigwams....

My potato patch is starting to grow weeds again already! Eek! What to do? Any suggestions what to do with it over the winter????

I've throughly weeded and dug over my broccoli and pumpkin patch and added a load of compost.  Not sure whether this is any good as far as crop rotation goes but this is where I've planted my onion sets for over-wintering..... one set of normal brown onions - these ones are called Troy.... and one set of red onions - Electric. I've got no idea about the varieties at all but they are what they had in the garden centre so we'll see what happens!

Apparently they have a habit of popping back out of the soil so I'll check them every few days to make sure they're staying put!

I've also sown some all year round cauliflower seeds in trays at home.... apparently they like to keep warm at first but can go out in the allotment after they've grown a bit. I'll try to keep you updated on their progress!

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. It's the birds that pull them out of the soil - and you can make some fantastic dishes from those pumpkins - but the children can have the shell to carve up for Halloween.

  2. As I said in my recent post I'm not too sure about the bird theory!
    WE have weeds popping up on newly dug beds. I think the mild conditions and rain have encouraged them and also newly dug soil uncovers more weed seeds. Through 'real' winter they shouldn't grow as much. Just hoe over the soil a bit for now.

  3. I'm so impressed with your pumpkins - in fact so impressed with your whole allotment. Well done Mel. xx