Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Making some progress - part 1!

So here's an update on the state of my allotment....

Paul managed to help me for a couple of hours, doing a bit of strimming and a bit of digging while I cleared some of the bigger weeds. Then I went back the next day and strimmed some more and dug some more while Charlie took his afternoon nap in the car! And this is the result:

Before:                                                                          After:

Okay so it's not making much difference yet, but you've got to do a bit at a time, right? I've recharged the battery for the strimmer and hope to pop back out there this afternoon (the weatherman has said nice things). George is fab at sorting through what I've dug and fishing out naughty weeds and roots - I think I may have to start paying him :-)

Next on my to do list is sourcing some black plastic to cover the top half - suggestions anyone??? I don't think bin bags will cut it.......

Ok, gotta go now. Taking Charlie swimming :-) The plan is that he'll fall asleep as usual on the way home, except I won't go home, I'll go straight to the allotment and get stuck in while he's still asleep!

Hopefully more piccies later!

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. You've started! That's the important bit.

  2. Oooh you have made an impact Mel. Still a long way to go but that's looking a lot better than it did! Angie xx

  3. I think it looks like progress! I'm so impressed with you. As for black plastic, have you tried a builders merchants?