Saturday, 26 March 2011

Making some progress - part 2!

Thanks to the beautiful sunshine we've had in Brum over the past few days, we've managed to get a bit further on the allotment! Generally it went like this: I used the strimmer until the battery died while Paul did some more digging for me. Then we trawled through all the dug stuff to remove the masses and masses of couch grass roots that I'm now veeeerrrrry familiar with! I opted to fill a bucket rather than the bag I'd been using before and it was so much easier.

The weather's a little cooler today but I'm still hoping to persuade some family members to come along and help me again :-)

I've ordered my black plastic sheeting on the internet now after struggling to find exactly what I was looking for anywhere local. Once it arrives I can put the next stage of my plan into action. Meanwhile I'm saving lots of 4l milk bottles to fill with water to weigh it down :-) I can see this is another hobby that's going to start overtaking the house! Sorry, Paul :-)

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. Just an idea Mel - there's lots of different tent pegs on the market. How about something like that to fasten down the plastic sheeting. They don't take up so much room when storing and could perhaps be used to fasten down netting to protect seedlings in future? Angie xx

  2. I'm really enjoying watching your progress. This is like gardening by proxy. I can almost taste your veg.