Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Some produce, a question and an update.....


Got to make this a quick post cos I'm taking the littl'un swimming this morning :-)

So here is my first produce of the year - the strawberry finally ripened! Of course then it had to be divided into quarters so that we all got a chance to taste it :-) Verdict: yummy!

And that one was followed a couple of days later by these two - also cut into quarters and compared because one is Elsanta and one is Pegasus. Verdict: both yummy but Elsanta definitely wins! :-)

So while I was in the greenhouse, I was inspecting my tomato plants and found this:

Any ideas, gardening pals??? It's happened to a few leaves but doesn't seem to be spreading so I'm hoping it's not any sort of disease.... It happened to co-incide with a hot day when I left the greenhouse door open for a bit to allow some air flow but don't know if that has anything to do with it???? Any advice would be gratefully received!

I have got some lovely tomatoes coming along though. What do you think? :-)

Back on the allotment we decided to give George's patch a bit of an overhaul. His carrots never materialised and I think a mixture of animal invasion and not enough rain (or watering....) put an end to the beetroot and spring onions. We've cleared all the weeds, sown some more carrots and covered them with netting and planted the onions and beetroot I'd been growing in the greenhouse:

A better piccie of the beetroot and onions:

My beans are doing ok but they still seem to be a way behind my neighbours. Perhaps a little weeding would help....

The first couple of pods are visible on my peas but the plants are still quite small. These need weeding too!

I read a tip on someone's blog (I'll try to find the link.... Let me know if it's yours!) about using upturned ends of pop bottles to allow the water to get straight to the roots of your pumpkins so I thought I'd give it a go:

I had a sneaky peek at how my potatoes were doing aswell. There's loads there but they're still a bit small so I tucked them back in again. I'm hoping to dig up a few for when my Dad comes for dinner at the weekend :-)

And just another reminder of where I've come from. The next plot over is now truly a jungle! Lots of sun and rain certainly works on those weeds!!!!

Right, gotta go.... Catch up again soon!

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. Congratulations on your delicious strawberries. And the other veg is looking good too. Did you put lots of fertiliser in the trench before you planted your beans? I usually put it in the winter before but somehow this year didn't get round to it so they are not doing as well as usual so I've sprinkled some of those fertiliser granules I had left over from my baskets and hoping it helps! As for your tomatoes, it may be that they got a bit hot and and shriveled up, but maybe someone else can come up with something. xx

  2. I think I'd tend to agree with Jack about your tomato leaves, it looks like they've simply been frazzled in the heat. You say its not spreading so I'd just leave it for now... :) Plot looks great tho, and those strawberries, mmm yummy! :)

  3. I would have a feel of the brown crispy bits. If they feel dry and crumbly then they probably need either water at the roots, or more water in the atmosphere!

  4. You are doing brilliantly - congratulations