Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The effects of wind and rain.....


Firstly, if you're visiting me via the Castle Bromwich Gardens blog - welcome! I hope you're not expecting me to talk any sense cos I'm not overly sure what I'm doing just yet, but you're more than welcome to have a look round :-)

I've finally managed to get back onto the allotment after a break of about a week because of the nasty weather. The intention was to show you my beautiful broccoli cage but the bad weather had other ideas and showed up my workmanship for exactly what it is - dismal! More of that later....

Right now I want to show you my potatoes! Woohoo! Look at them! They're HUGE!!! The pouring rain must have done them some good :-)

And some of them even have little flowers too :-)

All I've got to do now is figure out how to tell when they'll be ready to dig up - erm suggestions anyone???

So, too embarrassed to show you the state of my broccoli cage, I will at least show you the broccoli I've planted inside what's left of it :-) They're looking a little sorry for themselves at the mo. I think they're just grumpy cos I've moved them from their comfy pots. I hope they'll feel better once the water has soaked down to their roots.....

Feeling much the same are my pumpkins.... Now I suspect I've planted these too close together but I had serious trouble digging this bit of ground and these are the only places I could get holes big enough for them. Although Paul usually does most of the digging, I have done some and I tell you, I have never had so much trouble getting through it. I eventually dug up huge lumps of earth as solid as rock. I tried to break them apart with my various tools but it was seriously hard work. I think I quite disturbed the usually peaceful allotments today!

My runner beans have enjoyed the rain and are doing really well although you can probably tell I need to do a little weeding here :-) The weeds also like the rain.....

I've got my first flower growing on my peas - awww, so pretty!

And then my very kind allotment neighbour had left me some french bean seedlings to say thankyou for the seed potatoes I gave him a couple of weeks ago - I love this sharing stuff thing. Everyone's so friendly!

I made another wigwam style structure for them to grow up because I seem to remember they don't grow as tall as runner beans. Is that right? On the other hand, it may just have been the variety I grew last year....!

Some of my onions have finally made it out of the greenhouse and into the allotment. These are in George's patch which isn't looking too good at the mo. When I left it last there were the beginnings of beetroot and spring onions but some greedy little thing has decided to nibble them before they got a chance to get started :-( If needs be I'll replace them with some beetroot and leeks from the greenhouse.

So this is pretty much what my allotment looks like at the mo. You can just about make out the amazing collapsable broccoli cage in the top left corner, even though I tried to keep it out of shot :-) I have to say, a few hiccups aside, I'm really quite pleased with what we've achieved in such a short space of time.

And a very quick greenhouse update..... I have some colour on one strawberry!!!! It won't be long now before they're all juicey and delicious :-) I must remember to take a photo of them all before I (I mean we) eat them :-)

And my baby tomato is getting bigger (there are a few others dotted about too now!)

This is what my indoor pumpkin looks like - much happier and healthier than the ones I've just planted on the allotment!

And my teeny, weeny leek seedlings. I sowed these seeds a bit late so I hope there's still time for them to grow properly!

Right, I'd better be off! See you again soon!

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. Oh Mel your allotment is looking great - in fact like you've been growing stuff for years! That blasted wind has knocked my front hanging basket about something rotten but fortunately my veg is quite sheltered so hasn't suffered.
    Potatoes - well you can scrape the sides away a bit to see how they are going. If they are about the size of a hen's egg then they are ready. With earlies it's usually about 10-12 weeks after you plant them. I found this helpful http://www.vegetable-garden-guide.com/how-to-grow-potatoes.html
    Jack xx

  2. It looks like you've been busy! :)
    I'm never sure when to harvest my spuds either, I think their's a school of thought that says they're ready when the flowers die off but really I tend to wait till others seem to be doing it and then just go with the flow... You can always stop if the first plant gives you nowt but tiddlers... lol :)

  3. Cooooooo weeeeeeee.
    Hiya hun I thought I'd pop over and visit you here too & see what you've been up to. I say "pop" I got so engrossed I think I've read your whole blog lol.
    Well done you Mel, it's many years since I grew any veggies now my shoulder won't let me do much physical grafting but your allotment is looking fab hun, just my type of patch for a potter.
    I'll be back for updates :)
    hug Mandy xx