Sunday, 10 July 2011

I bet you're all wondering where I've been.....

Well admittedly, not all of my time has been spent on the allotment! I've spent some of it in allotment association meetings getting roped into becoming association secretary (see our new allotment blog here!), some of it visiting other peoples allotments to see how it should be done! And I also spent a little bit of it getting engaged!!!! So I've been a bit of a busy bee heading off here, there and everywhere looking at venues and stuff in preparation for the big day :-) How exciting!!!

Anyway, I'd been promising to take a friend of mine and her little girl, Lily May to the allotment to have a go at some weeding, some planting and a bit of digging up spuds! I think you can probably tell how much fun Lily May had by the state of her top :-)

We planted some more onions which are coming along nicely......

And dug up plenty more potatoes! I think I've got enough to keep us going all summer :-)  The King Edwards have got some beautiful flowers on them at the mo....

 I've got little bits of broccoli appearing! My disasterous looking cage-type-thing seems to have done the trick and kept out all those naughty butterflies :-) And then I got my first few peas too! Unforunately, they didn't make it home. We ate the lot on the car journey - yummy!

Back at home my tomatoes are doing really well! How long do I need to wait for any sign of red???? I'm so impatient!

And my pumpkin is turning into a monster!  I've ended up chopping off the tip (not sure if that's wise but I had to do something!) because it's getting huge and all the tendril type things have started strangling my leeks!  I've noticed I've got a few baby pumpkins on the way so I'm hoping now I've removed the growing tip, it'll just concentrate on making those nice 'n' big ready for halloween :-)

 Right, I'd better go. It's silly o'clock in the morning and I can hear the littl'uns starting to wake up! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. OMG!
    Everything is looking amazing! My poor courgettes are ickle, ures are going be massive!
    Everything is looking fab petal, GO YOU!!
    Hugs M xxx

  2. I left a long comment and blogger crashed doh

  3. Awww little Lilly May looks like she had a fab time! Great job on the new Assoc. blog, looks very professional!

  4. Everything is looking great! I know what you mean about squash plants tho, they do tend to take over a tad don't they... :)

  5. FAb pics again Melly. Your allotment is going much better than my little plot although I have managed to pick 5 courgettes and a small marrow, plus 2 (yes 2!!!) runner beans!. My pumpkin has several little pumpkins growing so I shall stop the tip like you have done cos you are now my expert. xx

  6. Looks like you've been busy! I have never tried pumpkin, I should give it a go!

  7. To judge from these comments nobody seems to have noticed that you've got engaged (well, apart from you and A N Other I guess)!! So let me remedy that by offering congratulations to you both.