Saturday, 2 July 2011

Plenty of potatoes.....


Back again :-) This time with piccies of my allotment to share.

My broccoli has really picked up since I planted it out.....

My pumpkin plants are doing well (although not quite as well as my greenhouse monster - see my last post!) but something has been nibbling at the leaves.... I've put down some "stay-away-slug" stuff to see if that will help.....

My runner beans are looking a bit healthier since the temperatures have risen a bit but they're still a good way behind all my neighbours.....

And look! My first ever peas!!!! So excited :-) My Nan would be so proud if she could see them (she lives in Wales and has no internet....) Mind you, she'd probably pinch them. My Nan loves fresh peas :-)

And then my potatoes!!!! These are Rocket potatoes. Yum, yum, yum! Beautiful with a roast Gammon joint and then there was still enough for our fish dinner the next night. Lovely :-) The kids loved digging them up!

These came from only two of about 12 potato plants I've got growing so we shouldn't need to be buying any potatoes for a while - fab!!!! I love my allotment!

Our allotment site is quite basic - running water and land but nothing else. No loos, no shop and no car park. And there's no association to get any of those things changed either, so the fella a couple of plots down from me organised a meeting to try to set up an association.... And somehow I've ended up being secretary! I've never been able to say no! So now I've got letters and minutes etc to write aswell all my usual stuff that I don't have time to do! And I kind of said I'd set up a blog or a website for us too.... If anyone has any tips for me, I'd be very happy to hear from you!

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. Oh your allotment sounds like ours - but we don't even have water - it's just a big field

    Isn't it just great to grow and pick and eat your own food.

    No matter how many years I have been doing it - almost 50 years I reckon - you still get the same buzz and you do the first time.

    It's be half a crown to talk to you now that you are a Secretary of your allotment society.

    As far as making a website - why not just use blogger, give everyone that might want to add to it or update it - the password, and then you can share the load otherwise you'll get swamped with all the jobs and it will end upbeing a chore .

  2. Wow Mel, your garden and greenhouse are flourishing ... bet those potatoes were delish - nothing nicer than spuds dug fresh and served with some butter and salt YUM! Oh and congrats on your new Secretary post - it will be fun to get your assoc. off the ground, but plenty of work!

  3. Looking good Mel. All the hard work is starting to pay off!