Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Leeks and beans.....


I've finally managed to get some of my leeks in the ground! I've put them in my onion patch and given them a good haircut like Matron told me I should - I do try to do as I'm told! I'm not sure how long they need to stay in the ground though.... More reading! I haven't planted them all out yet - mainly cos I couldn't fit them all in my car to take them down to the plot (not when I've got children, potties, bags, snacks and association paperwork to take aswell!) so I'll plant the rest as soon as I can....

My bean plants are looking fab! It's George's job to spot all the runner beans that need picking and he loves it. It makes him feel very important :-)

We got loads this visit:

Enough for a dinner and for three bags to be frozen. It took me nearly an hour to prepare all these!

And they're yummy! I love runner beans :-) My Grandad used to grow them when I was younger and I remember bringing loads of them home for dinner :-) A few of mine were a bit tough - I'd let them get too big so I'll have to be careful to pick them when they're a bit smaller in future.....

Have a lovely day!

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. I think its fab that you'll be eating some of your own produce in later months. As I no longer have an allotment and limited space, last year I grew a dwarf variety in pots. Sadly I didn't get round to doing it this year. Happy growing and eating.

  2. I'm afraid I never do as I'm told and so have never trimmed tops and tails of leeks but we still get good leeks.

    We're freezing beans too

  3. Looking good Mel. I've had loads of beans from my tiny patch too. And I'm lucky enough to own a little bean slicer that makes the job sooo easy. xx

  4. Hi Mel, super crop of beans, more than I got with my three plants. lol. By the way, I'm not a great fan of freezing fresh beans as I don't think they hold their flavour well but do let me know what yours taste like when you use them.
    Sally x