Saturday, 21 May 2011

It's starting to look like a REAL allotment.....

Look! Earthed up potatoes! Just like the other plots :-) My allotment is finally growing up and not looking as much like a newbie as it was.... I'm really chuffed! In the top-left corner you can see some of my neighbour's plot (I say neighbour, but she hasn't been since she was given the plot in March!) - it's a nice reminder of how far we've come in such a short time....

My runner beans are doing very nicely, thankyou.... A bit of protection from various creatures with my sections of pop bottles until they get too big - this is one of three plants I started in the greenhouse:

And my peas are doing well too! The seedlings are about this size at nearly every point I planted them. Big smiles :-)

And these are the twiggy sticks I promised I'd show you last time. Quite small scale but I'm running out of room to work with! I haven't planted any peas here yet. I still seem to spend more of my time weeding than anything else! Nevermind - I find it quite relaxing :-)

Things to come: I really ought to give you all an update on my greenhouse goodies - tomatoes and strawberries are doing very well (how exciting!) and I need to build something to put my broccoli under. I've got the bits and pieces I think I'll need, I just need a bit of time and a car that's bigger than mine..... :-) And then there's George's veggie patch. It's started showing signs of life (and not all of it is weeds!) so I'll get some piccies of that to show you too.... In the meantime, fingers crossed for more sun and just a bit of rain - that watering can is getting heavy!!!!

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. Oh Mel, this is looking fabulous. I must put some pics up on my blog of what you inspired me to do. I've got potatoes, runner beans, tomatoes and now cucumbers, pumpkin and courgettes courtesy of a friend.
    Jack xx

  2. Wow Mel, what a lot of work you've put in, and it's really showing! You'll be expanding into your neighbours patch soon!

  3. It's all looking great, those spuds are so neat and tidy they put mine to shame! I've still not sown any beans this year, I'm starting to think it's too late to even bother..

  4. Mel, I am lovin' this blog--I'm going to have to garden vicariously through you this year, if you don't mind!