Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I've been building stuff.....


Don't my piccies look nice 'n' sunny :-) Needless to say, these were taken last week before the mega thunderstorms and downpours that scared the living daylights out of me and had me checking the oak tree at the bottom of the garden was still ok at 2am! From the window, of course!

Can you just about make out my bean supporting structure??? It'll show up much better in my piccies when it's all covered in gorgeous greenery :-) Fingers crossed!

Here's a close up of my pea wigwam that you can see just beyond my bean structure... I spent ages threading the netting onto the canes and then "sewing" it in place with string..... I'm experimenting. Will they grow better up this thing or the twiggy sticks I managed to find? Photos of them next time!

I've covered all my pea and bean seeds with sections cut from 2 litre pop bottles to try and protect them from any sort of wildlife which might want them.... I know there's stuff out there. Something nibbles through my string every time my back's turned. And I found about a third of a rabbit buried on my plot (not nice!) when I was planting my potatoes. Whatever it was came back for the rabbit and dug up some of my spuds :-( I replanted them but it happened again so now I've just left a hole there as if to say "Look! No rabbit!"

Now left to their own devices, my potatoes are coming along quite nicely. I must earth them up but I get so carried away weeding whenever I visit. I lost my favourite weeding tool. I may have planted it :-) I've searched and searched but no luck. Maybe the wildlife wanted that too? I've bought a new one which I'm considering painting bright orange so I don't lose it!

Right, I'm off.... Thanks for looking!

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. It's looking good Mel! Sounds like you've got a foxy visitor if it was after the rabbit.
    Sally x

  2. Looking great! You're doing really well, and a lovely blog too! Hope you've not lost your weeding tool forever... :)

  3. This is looking great. My beans and pototoes are coming along nicely too. And because of you I've even planted carrots. Then I just had to get growbags for Courgettes, Tomatoes, a pumpkin and a marrow plant, lol. Maybe whoever (or whatever) took your weeding tool is going to weed for you, ha ha ha. xx