Sunday, 1 May 2011

I've got green stuff!

WARNING: A picture-happy post.... I got a bit excited :-)

Firstly, my allotment as it looked a few days ago with George's veggie patch at the front, my new woodchip path and some more potatoes and carrots planted just beyond it:

And this is the left-hand side where I'd planted all my potatoes a few weeks ago:

And this is most definitely a potato plant - woohoo! I've got green stuff :-) Not just one of them either - there's loads popping up :-)

Then I finally got round to taking some piccies of my greenhouse goodies. Well, I say greenhouse.... It's one of those PVC covered walk in thingies - you know the ones? These are my onion seedlings :-)

And this is my one and only pea seedling - only 1 out of 6 has made an appearance so far - what's all that about???

These are pumpkin seedlings! George loves these - they've grown HUGE! I'm not sure I'll plant them all out - might not have enough room :-)

My runner beans - I'm off to buy canes this afternoon to make some sort of structure to support them. I've seen other people's... I think I know what I'm doing :-)

And then strawberry plant 1....

And strawberry plant 2 - both with oodles of pretty flowers :-)

Tomato plant 1:

And tomato plant 2 - there are a few flowers but too small to photograph yet.... I've pinched out the side shoots. I think that's right. And I'm started with the tomato food now. Fingers crossed!!!!

So very excited! Love this gardening malarky :-)

Gotta go - my Sunday roast is nearly done and I'm starving - can't wait till I'm serving up my very own veggies with it :-)

Love 'n' hugs,


  1. Wow wow wow!
    Its looking amazing honey! I bet your so proud of your wee self! I am!!
    My tomatos are no whre near your fab size but my strwberrys are looking good! Oh my onions are all coming up through the soil, but no tatties yet!!
    I put in pumpkin as well, and am srating to wonder what I will do with them heee
    Hugs melly xxx

  2. Well your spuds are further up than mine, we've only an inch or two poking through at the minute. And I can't believe how big your tomato plant is - I'm off to the garden centre tomorrow to get a wee seedling, I had a cheapo 'plastic' greenhouse for the last couple of years but had to chuck it out this year, so am just going to try to grow my tomato 'al fresco'!

  3. Hi Mel, thought I'd pop over to your plot to see what's going on. My, haven't you been busy & look at all those baby plants! Don't forget your slug pellets or are you an organic gardener? In my experience baby plants are slug & snail food & I wouldn't want you to see all your hard work getting munched away.
    Sally x

  4. You're doing better than I am with peas. The mice keep eating mine as soon as they germinate. And the beans have failed so I'll have to re-do them. Likewise the courgettes and cucumbers.

    Hey Ho; same thing happened last year!

  5. Wow your allotment is really coming on in leaps and bounds. Your plants are looking good. We've never grown peas as they take up quite a lot of space but we never seem to get many pods. As for runner beans (my FAV!) we use sticks cut out of the hedge and make a sort of long wig-wam for them to climb up.
    Jack xx

  6. It all looks so exciting this time of year. Make sure you get those tomato plants outside to harden off, they look a bit spindly.